Not in the continuation of the human laugh

Are you I made an effort to clean something? I have a bath or carefully.

But (which may be rough on the skin opposite; – more than a woman ;) , Hey It ‘s beauty annoyance too.

Around me, I have a friend who is about the topic of beauty If you open your mouth in (laughs), Ne that some people are worried quite seriously.



Ne is sleep but I think there are many things to be careful with.

It would be very important! Hey, but I was also a good age to be unreasonable.



Meat of the field, but it is said after soybean, and good for the skin! I would not come out the effect had been, That ‘s quite difficult.

There is a disease where am I a little tired.


It is very well made pretty glad, and praised by lovers; Ne I wonder from where should I start to fix the unsteady worker ^ ^.

Well, ^ ^ Though it is nothing to be praised rarely; Nde he indifferent to these things well, but I can not help it.


ー too! (Laughs) this kind of system, more women are too harsh and check once in a while, but you might find it useful Cha Ne me angry is unique gay (laughs).

Come to think of it (laughs) (laughs) you may have seen you’re also pretty scary and ー women, Ne seems some people have to pay attention to various things men also quite recently.

I was really surprised when I heard both men, and there are people who have nail care is, well (laughs).

What a fascinating story.

(Laughs? Exaggerated) I also, in the world makes me a lot and I try to use a little more care is what many people have.

Home sick. First, it is wide.

Just the other day, I saw “The Silence of the Lambs.

” Although I saw Wai family, I was Toki Zune.

Subtitles can be seen until the tone of voice of the actor is not it nice.

In other words, I’m no good I’m not the original language and the Western, the eldest son of a high school student is a faction dubbed.

I say that there is a risk that has been caught in the subtitles, they lose confidence in the fine picture.

Do not be.

There seems to be quite a few theaters dubbed version of the Movie from a few years ago.

Unlike the old days was almost subtitles, dubbing faction would not it’ve increased.

In fact, it’s where I do dubbing or subtitles, preference is divided.

I try to talk different here.

In Japan seems to have gone to the cinema 1.

1 times banner year last year alone.

From half a century ago and said to have been more than 10 times, once, was significantly reduced.

Since recently also seen plenty of TV and smartphone, annoying people who think that going to the cinema might have been increasing.

It is a high threshold cinema a little too.

Why, this time on holidays and I want to purr.

Fine, the people are you like me? That’s, however, is determined from the size seen in ordinary home TV is better to see in the theater is to good.

Movie 3D.

I have been to and see what, nausea come to another in the first half, I left the cinema in the middle.

I’m sure it’s because of the subtitle 3D.

Character you wish I had me in Edition.

Can not be helped because they may own specialty.

No longer think, since I want to watch the movie 3D.

See then is dubbed.

You seems that, as a conclusion – still took years, dubbing! ?

Maternity Yoga

Maternity and yoga refers to yoga done during pregnancy.

It is said that I am pregnant, and tends to be unstable and mentally I will also change the body.

There is a maternity yoga as a way to prepare your body and spirit during pregnancy such.

Has the advantage of being able to give birth in helping you can calmly face the birth even during childbirth by a stable mind and body, was to eliminate the anxiety of birth rather than in anxiety.

Experience the feeling that mom is comfortable maternity or relax in yoga is also good for the baby’s stomach.

You can do safely during pregnancy since there are no violent exercise, because maternity yoga poses done slowly to match the breathing.

Or 4 after having consulted a doctor in the case of a person who is said that the time that I go is okay until just before delivery from the 13th week of pregnancy, and so as to rest or who have abnormalities in body Let’s start a guide place past the moon.

Classrooms doing yoga and various maternity.

Some hospitals that are implementing maternity clinic of Obstetrics and Gynecology also yoga, etc.


Some I will try to participate more and more in some places, so that you can take classes in yoga maternity clinic that I am a free pass.

Doing dressed relaxing without me tightening is important.

I’ll try I can easily get started because you can also make maternity yoga at home watching the dvd.

Eagle and you become the king of the back!

Do you have a favorite book to you.

Is not that such “Saka no Ue no Kumo”.

When you are sick I tell you this book is what you need to live, I flip through the pages of this book.

Let me clearly positive but mostly if humans had a lot to this fork in the road of life.

Came crawling going up somehow I am thanks to this book have been dating for a long time.

I have gotten from this book reluctantly power to live.

Will have more than a few people think to read and type, troublesome.

Is it not even a good children’s book separately.

I do not need to hesitate, not a book seems to be difficult because the person was asked by embarrassed.

‘s Or something, read many times, Is not there? Whether you are spending a day without noticing, That was good when you look back, there is a book that will have to be reminded.

This person is called, do not like, it would really have a lot of that at all.

Probably do not yet have encounter with this I think, I hope.

Fufun, Sa Even I, a kid really did not like the book.

Adult book recommended, it was only those too sick of meanness.

But was so, and deep so I read the book I was a high school student thinking about various things, was overheard, and he did know the joy of reading the book for the first time.

People who do not want to read the book, try to pick just one book first.

There may also be would stop reading too much into boredom.

There are lots of books.

Again is a challenge.

As a result, you’ll find a very nice book.

So, to the library.

It was too much life, there must be difficulties in the future.

Okay so I have that book to me though.

This I will not let go even blurred.

A Chakugan zerstorte the Japanese IT industry

I work like you do not know anyone, in a small company.

The tired, it takes three hours round-trip commute.

I hope you do not take more than 4 hours since? ? I wish I could be lying on the overhead rack, actually, does not move, I feel that I take to the nape of the snort of others.

Long this time, we are one letter of patience.

But some people have a String Figure, I have much pride, you can not do that.

I thought I was hit by a round-the-world trip of a luxury liner, component is any good coming from the brain, I was able to become a great mood.

Right? If this was, I do not bother anyone.


Do not think, people thinking even if you like them.

I think I’m myself, and do not have to be a desperate kind.

I wish I were personality would be easier and Dane.

I gotta be careful not to moss down when her husband, a train.

No walk to the next station.

Some people sing loudly while dancing, walking.

That’s incredible Not my fault Don’t mind.

I’ll Never mind murmured.

Morning, I’m walking I’m also a savings and health.

If I was a fine autumn day, in a euphoric mood.

However, I do not want to say, I was in reality.

Very occasionally, a police officer may, subject to police questioning.

The other, I want you to get a life.

So as not to Ochikoma, I remotivate on the spot.

Hell is the daily commute.

I’m a butterfly ~ i helped.

Cheats umstandlich full manual to remember the 8 hours

Cleaning is tedious than anything.

Innovation is sometimes I just, I’m done.

However, I will not! My stomach does not it? Would inadvertently decreasing even think.



It is not necessarily that it becomes beautiful Maa While I ate so.

Well there are many things interfere with cleaning products, youth (?) Ru Afuru Among those memories.

– That’s a nuisance.

I found that I had read books or childhood, cleaning? What’s that? Feeling is not it.

In the streets, I think quite hard but clean art crap or I have been introduced to try to drop rapidly.



You may say I’m a waste discarded throw away! Hey are you’ll eventually take or put Cha~tsu.

After all, those full of memories is not parted.

Much later, I think I am a ー so I had not thrown away.

Oh, but I went to her friend’s house to play this before, was appalled at the well-appointed living room with no sense of wit and not Pikkapika ー.

I think the size of the room is not that different to Na.

Wow, I’m a child that they discarded.


Memories of things that have a system of their own rules or ー, and take a picture.

But just because it seems it seems important things in reverse.

Is it true that there are a lot of benefits! Later, in the mercenary cheapness, Is it true that we can not be bought immediately consumable.

There are a lot of bottle and refill at home or, (laughs) that idea, I do not want something so amazing is! Within is a lot about me or beauty salon shampoo.



If there is only what you really need, it is more likely to be living clean.

ー alrighty! I’m gonna do it! I’m gonna Stately Ya~tsu time! Goodbye dirty room!

Our war Lassig to Fus

Life without a walk.

It is said that the wife Jijikusai, uncle to take a walk, do you not good.

I was originally Gozare whatever exercise.

In fact, began to walk single-mindedly love, there are always undesirable.

I told my daughter has it, and overweight.

The walk would be just right.

I was really good and really try to take a walk.

On the road for the first time a lot of new discoveries.


Is not it romantic.

I forget who I’ve heard.

Or there was a talent that had been dressed in a wetsuit walks in both countries.

Is this true? I want to meet.

Person you have ever met.

The average person looks.

While I came to say how are you.

In the first meeting, I was trembling.

It was able to nod and about so often seen.

I’ll get to know I was a little more real.

People I would bring flowers folding the home of offend with, they have to walk Oh, the good is that you should own, in humans.

I throw out words I heard what the person who dont care, and poop.

Hey, I often hear.

Please grow up.

It is quite annoying.

Also, still, there is also a witness to that scene relieved.

Blonde brother to greet any person.

In the voice of a good feeling.

It’s a great action.

A lot of people If that happens, Japan will become much warmer.

Why do not we try to move forward together.

Put your feet on the ground.

To understand 10 books for a student who

Oh and I think, and sleepy, she wrapped a box lunch, his wife, but he was talking towards the eldest son of a high school student.

I think not? “” It looks like the guys bring lunch wife “” I am the answer as I thought.

I’ll understand if you look at the lunch bred.

Reminds of the era, only bitter memories of youth.

He loved, there are quite a lot.

Chicken cutlet.

Nobody, no reaction.

I hope that you were an idiot.

It would be such a mon.

I would say, “Wow, tips brown sugar taste is” son has returned with a loud voice, “Let’s try it this time.

” Misunderstanding? I did not even voice out too much to the severity of, horse mackerel dipped in salt water and dried in the sun.

Hata trouble.

I muttered a lie, and some kind of mistake.

Was heard muttering “I Tabero soon.

” It was bad, I did eat, and still can not fight, the belly is decreasing.

Son, said, “Grandma, I like ~” or as a fool, full smile.

Me to hand.

Were you wrong because I human, fried rice.

That was an authentic Chinese restaurant’s fried rice like something.

But not bad if you think that from now on, if you dislike a parent, I want to eat that I could not say.


The beautiful young lady, what are the favorite lunch.

Well, I hope.


My wife would say, “Maybe Later” If asked, I’d like lunch.

I want to hear about someone delicious lunch.


First memorable, the lunch ride.

‘m Much better than soba restaurant every day.

Love prediction

Divination and love, if you have someone you like, you can say that you can predict the compatibility with that person, or that person and predict what will happen from now on.

In love prediction, or meet with any person in any place, in the case even if you do not have a partner, make a love prediction is possible, that there is no partner, you can predict and that sort of thing.

Romance horoscope, I think is one of the divination that may became popular once if anyone were women.

I think there are a lot of people that you can have a page of the magazine also love prediction, a look at the horoscope of every month, looking for love and luck this month.

I’m sure many people think that there may be a student, I try to love prediction of intention with the other party, was divine chemistry is better, or worse.

Is famous as love prediction, I would not use those tarot.

You can also use the Tarot card divination love.

The results came out in love prediction, but not necessarily assert is hit, it may be one way of referring to the results of the divination, also that we advance the love of their own.

I may do some people who want to continue to develop in the future love, to the love divination, fortune-telling also that for the future.

There are some people that you have someone in mind, some people do not have, is anyone once became popular love divination.

I think because there is also a method such as get a look at love in palmistry, and there is a wide range of ways to say that love and divination.

Find your love partner, has been used as a divination compatibility with the other party.

Women who do not ask too much healing is fast

I am very happy.


because it is eaten in some places live.

Sometimes panic.

All life would I could not smooth sailing.

At some time was the day, I perpetrate a traffic violation while driving.

I was just a little bit over-speed.

Police officers, and was complacently say, but it is possible to take into account the circumstances, to take into account many things.

I thought in the mind of, and just lie.

Violation is a violation, it is not willing to admit mistakes.

Once in a while, sometimes on the relationship between the partners, and have no way out.

Sometimes my daughter will not quarrel with trifles.

I want to say, even I’m desperate.

And there are times when you have to say really.

And yet, I am still happy.

True happiness is a thing I do that? Sa can be heavily positive.

Believe it or not, I’m likely to be Kagire to me.

To understand all sorts but is likely to be said, a little.

What’s that happy or because different things to different people, it is no wonder that obediently.

You might feel most happy and some people can get the fame.

As a result, Kano people, it can also feel the happiness of any other is impossible.

I wish I feel sorry for.

Those who feel less is assumed to be unhappy, I wonder if there’s not a lot.

Would have spent with the trials and tribulations.

I, it did not seem like he is happy even once myself.

It must be painful.

I definitely is simple.

Because I, I forget it overnight sleep even if there are nasty things.

Would be nice.

Its side, is it not? What’s important is for seems to be happy.

In other words, in other words, would be required where happiness is simple.

With it, but I feel happy to be trivial surely.